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Marjut Babitzin,


I am Finnish Field crossbow shooter, Marjut Babitzin, a professional potter, I was born in 1953. My family consists of 3 children and spouse, four grandchildren, one grandgrandchild and two lovely dogs. I am from an early age wanted to do some work on the clay and shoot with a bow. I carried both of my dreams. First, I shot with a olympic bow from -84. After our last child was born V-86, I decided to start at the beginning of the next year crossbow hobby. I got my husband to take care of our son 3 months of age, so I got to practice. I added to shoot also air rifle, but I left it out because it interfered with the concentration of the species, which I really loved. Over the years I have noticed that I can do anything what I want, if I love it enough. Women with a family does not practice self-evident, because someone has to carry the children and the home. However, all is orderly, when I have had a spouse to understand how important and loved hobby can be. On the track was removed from my thoughts all the everyday chores and I was able to focus solely on its own with my performance. Allowing the same kind of constant repetition, which is for women already so characterized. This is one why many women are so good in shooting sports. I do not have a coach, and I have to self-learn everything from scratch. Weapon adjustments, the arrows act of competitive travel and representation costs for uniforms and registration are all our own shoulders. We do not belong to any of the shooting association, which grants could be obtained. The amount of costs is restricted from competing. Yet enthusiasm for the sport continued until seriously ill with breast cancer in 2001, and I had to stop the shooting 10 years. I thought I would never again find myself in crossbow shooting turbulent, but when I saw the video of Croatia races, I was inspired again. Fortunately for training older, has received new forms. I think I am able to focus on the most essential issues than in the past, for example, I like it, what weapon feels how it behaves a shot has occurred and how well the remains after shot etc.

R eally important Unfortunately, I could not get to the sport as early as the teenage years, when the body was still limber and strong, because life had accumulated already 34 when I started crossbow shooting. But few sport for more than 60 years old and a woman can still be present. It pains me that crossbow is not an Olympic sport, yet. I would have probably chosen from the profession for myself, even though the love of the species could suffer badly mandatory for success. Still, I would have liked to experience the Olympic boom. Shooting contribute to many things at the same time to focus on, as well as I was able to compete to prove to myself, if I had done things right.

I recommend this species for all the girls who want to add-

  •  Concentration
  •  Minding smallest things
  •  Body control
  •  Self discipline
  •  Self knowledge
  •  Nerve and stress control and also new friends all over the world

Shooting increases the ability to focus on the things that lead to your preferred outcome, and not just the result, as well as understanding that no other conclusion and results tracking, add your own points, but causes the success of compulsion, which reduces the ability to concentrate. You can compete as with yourself and if the investment will reach the podium, it is a plus whole chain of events. If, however, you have not reached the medals, it will not remove any points from your income. Your own records, you should always try. This will give you the type most out of what it can deliver. Here are, over the years accumulated merits. (achievements) I participated in the first international competitions v-88 World Championships in Sweden. There, I got silver in women class. Where I live, in that year they chose me Athlete of the Year. V-89 was the first IAU's European Championships in England. From there came to bring women's class personal mastery and team gold. v-90 WC were in Portugal and ranking silver. v-92 WC were in New Zealand, where I managed very well and I got to reach out to the next point difference up to 40 points. I was practicing for half a year approx. 3 hours per day. This produced a world championship and a team silver medal. There were also New Zealand Championships were I held and even the ones became a personal gold medal. The next EC was again in England at -93, and I take again the individual cold and also women team class cold came to Finland. 1996 I was the first woman in the world, who shot a full 300 points 35m and the result also was like today (860p.) This thing ended the record Guinness Book of World Records year -97 Finnish championships has accumulated more than 25 (I've already fallen invoices) I have also made a number of Finnish- European- and world records. After 10-year break, the first value of the competitions I went to Visby, Sweden v.2013. The organizer was WCSA, (the other organization) I got bronze medal in women category and mixed team, we got the gold. 2014 WC were in Germany and brought home was team bronze in senior class. This year, this month, World Championships are in Ulan-Ude in Russia. I've been practicing every day for approx. 3 months, and remains to be seen what happens to grandgrandmother. Good successes and enthusiasm for this sport.

Mark Goodyer


When I started in Archery we did not know about crossbow shooting so we used Recurve bows. After a few years we were introduced to Compound bows. After a few years I found that I was having trouble shooting the compound bow and this was diagnosed as shoulder problems from playing Australian Rules Football when I was younger. About 25 years ago I built my first crossbow and competed in my first competition using my home made crossbow. Later I was able to purchase the crossbow I have today ( a Barnett Spirit Target crossbow ). Over the last 25 years I have had success in Club, State, National and World Championship competitions. The latest success being Florida 2015 with a Silver in Matchplay and a Bronze in the Forest round. In 2017 we will be hosting the 2017 World Championships in Adelaide, South Australia. We will have Target, Matchplay and the Forest Round. We have experience in hosting a World Championship as we hosted the WC in Adelaide in 2011. I am currently the WCSA Technical Officer and responsible for the Shooting Rules. We have started a review of the Shooting rules following the WC in Florida and the revised rules will be published in January 2016. My personal goals is to achieve Gold in the 2015 Australian Masters games and later achieve Gold in the 2017 World Championships. I see myself working more and more with the World Crossbow Shooting Association in the Technical Officer role as well as Judging after I retire in a year or so but I am still very competitive and look forward to the next events.

Iris Bingham

Great Britain  

I was born 24th June 1942. Yes I am 72. I was brought up and educated in East London. Sport has always been something that I enjoyed and had a reasonable degree of success. I played netball for Essex and performed 4 times at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In fact at one time I was a gymnastics coach. I married and moved to Rugby in 1965 where I had 2 sons and now also have 4 precious grandsons. After the birth of my first son it was discovered that I had third degree spondylo-listhesis. Two of my vertebrae have moved three quarters across each other crushing the disc in between and causing impingement to the spinal cord. Unfortunately this results in much pain. In addition I have Type 1 Diabetes. This means that I have to be careful to balance food intake against insulin and exercise. Laser treatment to my eyes has had some effect on my vision.As the two conditions have progressed my ability to walk has reduced and I now need to use crutches. However, that is only good for short distances. Away from the house I normally use a wheelchair. When I married John, my second husband, in 1995 I took up crossbow shooting. It was boring watching while he was a Judge at competitions. I found the sport interesting and was determined to have a go. Almost immediately I broke National records and began to compete internationally in 1997 at IAU events. I shot in Troia, Hungary, Begium (4 times) and Austria but, because I am disabled, shoot as -Assisted-, use a wheelchair and a stand, I was only allowed to shoot as a Guest. I was grateful that the IAU allowed me to compete.

The World Crossbow Shooting Association (WCSA) was set up during 2002/3. That body allowed for classifications that recognised both Assisted and Senior shooters, and introduced Sporting bows as a separate division (I shoot in the Target bow division). At WCSA World Championship events between 2003 and 2014, I believe I have won 24 Gold medals and taken many Titles often breaking World, European and National records along the way. These scores are now so high that it is difficult to equal, let alone better them. My back condition means that I am in pain when I shoot, not simply in my back but in many parts of my body, but I will not give up. I concentrate on each shot, ignore the bad ones, and worry about the pain later. One of my main concerns is for people with disability to be included in all branches of our sport. It is wonderful to be able to hold World Championship Titles and World Championship Records. It is equally good to see others make similar achievements. Crossbow shooting is different from other sports in that all classes of shooters attend the same competition and shoot at the same time under the same conditions. This is important. Other sports have separate competitions for juniors, adults, seniors, and people with disability. Crossbow is totally inclusive, which is better. In 2007 I became an International Judge. I have enjoyed those occasions when I have joined the judging team, particularly at the Match-Play Championships but, while I am able, I shall continue to shoot. CHAMPION IRIS TO CARRY THE TORCH I was honoured and delighted to carry the Torch before the Paralympics in 2012. I was chosen because of my continuous achievements, enthusiasm and dedication also my voluntary work for about 40 years with disabled people and in the community.

Pat Copley

United States of America  

My name is Pat Copley and I am a lady target crossbow shooter. I am married and have to great sons. I have won several World Championships and am currently Senior Ladies World Champion in target crossbow. I have been shooting competitively for many years and have truly enjoyed a sport discipline where women can shoot as equals to men. We shoot the same equipment including the same poundage and distances. It is a sport that encourages fair play along with good sportsman-s which is paramount. There are rules and regulations which govern everything from the clothing we wear, equipment we use, non-drug use, and codes of conduct. My journey to being World Champion began with attending tournaments with my son Jeff. He is now reigning World Championship in the sport crossbow division. He used to shoot recurve bow. When I went to competitions with him, it was a long day watching him compete. One might liken it to watching grass grow but it was an opportunity for us to spend time together sharing common experiences and traditions. After watching Jeff shoot over a few days- time, a crossbow shooter that was competition on another field invited me to try his crossbow. I almost robin hooded his arrow and then I realized I could do this in a competitive scenario. It was then that I was hooked on shooting crossbow. There have been so many unforeseen benefits to completive crossbow shooting. I have met people from many different countries and made friends that will be with me for a life time.

I have traveled to countries that I could have only imaged about when I was growing up in a very small community in a rural area. Some countries that I have been fortunate to get to compete there are Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal. In the process, I have been to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Thailand, North Korea, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, etc. At times it seems impossible that I have been able to go to these places but target Crossbow has made it a reality. I have been truly blessed. I am just an example of what any young girl or lady can attain. It just took practice and determination and a hunger to try to expand my future and horizons. I am nothing special just an everyday lady. My mother gave me the sense that I could be and do anything I set my mind to and my husband and sons gave me the encouragement to go for my dreams. If I could say something to the young ladies that are growing up now is don-t let anyone stop you for doing what you aspire to be and do and don-t settle for anything less than what you want and are willing to work towards. You can succeed if you dream big enough and work hard enough. Don-t give up or accept anything less. You can be a World Champion too.

Carol Pelosi

United States of America

I first started shooting target crossbow in March of 1973 at age 27, which shows one is never too old to take up the sport. I won my first US National Outdoor Target Crossbow Championship in August of 1973, beating all the men as well as the women. In 1982, the IAU held the first World Target (Field) Crossbow Championship in Mikkeli, Finland and I won the gold medal. Here is a list of my international accomplishments. 4 time World Field Champion ('82 in Finland, '84 in England, '86 in the US, and 2007 in the US), bronze medallist in the '88' and '90' World Championships in Sweden and Portugal, 5th in '92' in New Zealand, silver medallist in '94 in Germany, 6th in 2000 in New Zealand, 4th in 2015 WC Target Championship in the US but was the silver medallist in 2015 WC Match Play. In tournaments held in conjunction with World Crossbow Championships, I won 1st place in the '90' Albufiera Cup in Portugal, 1st in the '94' Wiesbaden Cup in Germany, 3rd in '96' Chung-Jean Cup in Taiwan, 2nd in 2000 Lion Foundation Cup in New Zealand, and 1st in the 2007 Slinzer Cup in the US.

I really enjoy shooting crossbow because I love the competition. At age 69, I am eligible to shoot as a Senior, but I prefer to shoot against the younger women because I like the challenge. This is a great sport for women because it relies heavily on steadiness and concentration even more than strength. Women can beat the men shooting crossbow. At the 2 day ICF Indoor Round held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last month, the top 2 shooters overall were women! Another reason I love shooting crossbow is the friendliness of the other competitors. As a result, I have made great friendships with crossbow shooters from all over the world. I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1968 with a degree in English. I am retired from the US Office of Personnel Management. Besides crossbow, my interests include geocaching and watching women's basketball.

Wendy White-Hendrickson

United States of America  

Iam an outdoors woman, who has enjoyed the beauty of the world from the time I was born. My father was always the kind of man that would spend time in the outdoors when he had opportunity, and I followed him everywhere. He was my hero, of course. My father was not a hunter; he loved to fish, so I fished from a very young age. I was not introduced to hunting until I was asked if I would like to accompany the man I married years later. That choice, to reply with a yes or no, changed my whole life. They say life is a path with many forks. Where and who you are, is decided by those choices you make along the path in your life. Eventually, I decided I could do what these men in my life were doing better, so it was time to become a huntress, or pretend I would, in order to go on these world travels with the group and not be left at home to take care of the business and younger children while they had so many adventures. To be different from the men, I asked for a crossbow to hunt with.

Hunting with the crossbow, was quiet, and I had opportunity to be very close to the animals and enjoy watching them without them fleeing if I was motionless, and quiet. That was the best adventure of all. It was not about killing the animal to eat, it was the experience of being alone in the outdoors, listening to all the sounds of birds and other game, and being close. It was good to build self confidence, that I could be outdoors alone, and return to civilization without needing someone to take care of me. It built independence. It built strength. It gifted new knowledge. It gave me freedom. I was one of the first people in modern times to hunt and shoot a crossbow. I hold many records and in most cases, I was the first person to enter record book entries with a crossbow. I was recognized, being a woman and holding a crossbow, and it was not easy many times, but it opened so many opportunities to travel the world I would have never received if I would have never chosen to hold a crossbow. I have met and become good friends with people from all over the world, and we have our own hunting club we call the Texas Crossbow Hunters Club. I administrate for the membership, and I also oversee hunting lands of 7,000 acres in the Texas Hill Country for our membership to teach each other how to hunt, butcher, cook, camp, and live outdoors. There are no words that could describe how grand this opportunity is for so many people, but mostly for many other women who now enjoy the outdoors, in the same way I began, but with others who came before them to help guide them on their journey on their own path in life-with a crossbow.

Jari Johansson


Modern history of this field crossbow shooting start in 1982 when Finland organize first World championships in eastern Finland city St. Michel. After that Finland has been many years one of the dominant crossbow country. Now this sport have surround of the world and every continent have more or less young history with it. My background in field crossbow-shooting rise from field- and target archery. It takes all most 15 years with shooting recurve-bow before i meet crossbow first time in real. I believe; if you want save time, enjoy more and understand deeper about this sport you may save time if you understand archery and arrow ballistic in general. Most of Finnish oldest crossbow shooters have archery background but that only be part of normal advancement. Very soon when my friends ask me to try shoot with crossbow first time i notice that this sport need very careful attitude. Crossbow is not only "crossbow"; it's a like rifle but without barrel which make's your shooting quite challenging. Why? -You may understand difference if muzzle velocity of your equipment is about 10 times slower like firearm. With this about 1/10 second happen very much more mistakes which you don't recognize if in comparison to fire arms.

Shooting with crossbow you should finish everything perfect :- Stand position, fulcrum, motionless aiming, trigger feel, launch and sight "after shoot". Also you must repeat everything again, again, like i robot. Without this knowledge your crossbow could works like rifle which every cartridge includes a different volume of powder. -Limb, string and bolts are parts which get off light so easy; you must find right strike power which gives you better pattern. Crossbow shooting have teach me better attitude. If you wan't to be come good crossbow shooter i have good vice; as soon as possible you must go first competition, then next and next. It's only way expedite learning and other competitors be a better teacher. In competition you see what kind equipment's, style, technique, sight and centralization your friends have. History knows lot of "exercise champions" but only real game tell who you really are and what you should learn more. My motto is: "You can be come always better but never perfect" - that clause gives me humble attitude and allow learn more. With this way you may be come person who know and trust your own equipment's, lead weather situation and you have good self-confidence power which rise deep from your experience. There is no short-cut; only step by step, also you must be analytical and be aware of which way is way for better success. Human being is almost same in every country; about 60-80kg meat and liquid so better success must be come somewhere else? Right humility is strongest power you have; without it many of your trying could be fail. Wrong expectation, "counting" al to time, skill to forged mistakes and learn with succeeding. You must also accept "rainy days"; now one is perfect all to time. Advancement always go cyclic, so this sport need in the future new- and younger shooters so it can grow and evolve. I wish that you enjoy crossbow shooting.

Micky Skottlund’s


People call me "The Legend", not without reason!. I am THE oldest crossbow practiser in the world (in time) and one of the oldest practisers in age.

As a very interested in crossbows and fascinated young teenage and a "handsome man" I came in contact 1968 with Mrs Peter & Bernard Barnett who produced crossbows in the UK . I became their agent in Sweden and started my own Crossbow company. Since I were not very happy with the quality, I started to modify them to a "Swedish form" which gave a better accuracy. I also improved my knowledge of crossbows during many years until I became a professional marksman and produced/still producing the worlds most perfect & reliable crossbows.
1972 I started to create some clubs in the South West of Sweden (Gothenburg area). This is because we couldn’t host so many shooters in Gothenburg club. Every city had then an own club instead of going to Gothenburg city for training or for competition.

1978 The police authority considered the crossbows as "weapon" which needed a weapon licence to buy or carry but in spite of this difficulty we grew up tremendously to be the world most feared country in the sport. 1979 The authority of Sweden forced me to create a federation because of the large amount of clubs & members which I did and became elected as President of the Federation. We were 142 clubs in a small country as Sweden. The same year, Mr Barnett introduced me to a wonderful and admirable man Mr Chris Aston who became my good friend the last 37 years (today's date). Mr Aston were sponsered by “ Barnett Crossbow” to work with developing of the sport which were at that time in a "writing stage". Mr Aston introduced me to a man in Sweden (Mr Gosta Enstrom) who also were interested in the crossbow sport. I and Mr Enstrom cooperated and started Swedish Crossbow Federation (Svenska Armborst Unionen SAU). We came then in contact with a Finn named "Raimo Laivo" thru the same Mr Chris Aston. We decided to start an international Federation consisting of UK, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. 1980 we, Mr Aston, me and another wonderful man "Lasse Nio" from Finland met in Bad Homburg/Germany where we went thru the rules of shooting in a hotel room, we added some rules and we deleted some. The rules were written initially by Mr Aston. In Bad Homburg we met the President Mr Gottfried Diener and applied to enter the IAU (International Armbrust Unionen) as a “Field* section” which he accepted orally as provisionally approved until the IAU meeting of the year for official acceptance. *IAU which is established on 1954 had only Match crossbows, they didn’t know what Field crossbow is. There are two distances of shooting (10m and 30 meters). For this you need two crossbows, one for each distance while you can shoot from five meters up to 65m with the same Field crossbow. With match crossbow you shoot a 15cm BOLT while you shoot an ARROW with a Field crossbow. At the same time of the meeting in Bad Homburg we got the authorisation to hold the first World Crossbow Championship in Mikkeli/Finland. My first crossbow teacher were Mr Teuvo Tuominen, also Mr Veiko Poyry who gained the World Championships 1986, then I developed myself to be a World Champion and an international trainer who developed Sweden to be the greatest nation in this sport (at that time). Nowdays we are not the best but one of the best countries in the world.
We do hope the sport shall be an Olympic Event in the near future since we have existed officially since1980 and we are represented from all continents.
As myself as regards! I love this sport and have spent one third of my life (if not more) on the shooting field to improve my shooting technique and material knowledge including ballistics, speed of the arrows, reliable mechanisms, balanced arrows for maximum grouping, bow material etc.etc. all these studies encouraged me to write a book about crossbow which is not published yet but very soon.
My love for crossbow sport is so enormous that I told my children to bury me with my loaded crossbow, preferly on the shooting field or I shall be buried in my own sarcophagus like the Egyptian Faraos so I can shoot even in the next life.

Hina Vij



In the 7th ‘World Crossbow Shooting Championship’ which was organised under the banner of ‘World Crossbow Shooting Association’ held in America, Florida, Indian team has set a new record by winning 31 medals under the aforesaid category. Hina vij is the first female from agra city to take part in this global event. Moreover her glorious win with 2 Gold and 3 Silver has given India its first female crossbow champion. She was the only participant representing her state (Uttar Pradesh) in team India. In the skilful and hi-tech version of crossbow hina has made her country proud by winning two gold and three silver medals. Coming to the details of the competition hina has won gold in ‘Open female’ category apart from this she has also proved her skill by winning silver in Open event of Match play round. The list goes on,hina won two” gold’s” in fastest round in mixed team and won other category.
Indian team wonderful performance has exaggerated under the direction of Rajat vij. Mr Rajat himself is an International Crossbow player and has made his country proud by winning many medals in the category. As of now he is playing a crucial role coaching the Indian crossbow team. He also has an important place in the management as he is the president of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association and also represents Asia as a Asian Development officer in “World Crossbow shooting Association”.

Source of Motivation and Confidence-“Husband”

In her early years Hina did her shooting from the prestigious st.conrads college in agra.Even in her school days hina showed her exemplary skills in sports like basketball and athletics.
After marriage she got a chance to witness the international crossbow circuit very closely and this is when her husband rajat saw the potential and guided her into the sport rest as we all know is history.
We hope this young athlete makes India proud in many more events to follow.

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