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Miguel Duarte


WCSA Coaching Council Member

The crossbow is one of the most important invents of the men, it's the main development after the bow, it represents a improvement of the ability for hunting large animals and quip the enemies at biggest distances. With the advent of the gunpowder weapons the crossbow, and the bow, becomes a elite sport, more used as a skilled show men in hunting and target practice at the big palace gardens all across Europe. Unfortunately, the crossbow use as sport doesn't follow the same crescendo of the sports events in the first half of the XX century, so, with that hiatus, the crossbow had a decrease and saw some statements of mitts surrounding the weapon that even today makes impossible to use it legally in some countries because it's considered a 'silent kill weapon'.

So for the increase of the crossbow sports have some big challenges at moment. The biggest one is to be accepted as sport in the countries, for that, it need a strong international marketing campaign that shows the benefits of the crossbow as sport and as a to complex machine to handle if you pretend to become a criminal. More than the beautiful and technologic image of the modern crossbow, or try to pick some rifle shooters or archers to crossbow sports, the target of the campaign must be the people who want to do a sport but doesn't have cardio capacity to a run, doesn't like to go to a gym, like high concentration, a healthy and low risk activities, loves history and want a low cost sport. At same time, that campaign must be supported on the historical importance of the crossbow, in Europe, the crossbowmen's had a huge roll on the internal wars and on security of the borders, the myths and legends in some countries, such as William Tell, can give a big push on the campaign, specially now that the medieval events are in all the newspaper and easily put more than 10.000 tourists in a castle. Have some crossbows there that shows the sport is the way to go. We must become a trendy sport in Europe. If in a short period we achieve that, the rest of the world will follow that trend and we are able to be au pair as the rifle and archery sports. In that moment we can point our bolts to the target in a Olympics event.

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