Event - DESI DHANUSH, 17th March, 2016

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Indian Crossbow Shooting Association is registered under the Society Act India.
It is a Non-Profit Organization, affiliated with World Crossbow Shooting Association. Created with the main objective to promote Crossbow Shooting sports game in India. Crossbow game is much popular in other parts of the world and has been played in USA, Australia and many European countries since decades.

Desi Dhanush Crossbow Date:- 17th March 2016

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has said that the present samajwadi government was committed to encouraging sports and players and that the government has setrolling a host of initiatives and schemes to encourage, enhance and promote sports. The Chief Minister was today speaking at an event organized by the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association at Eklavya stadium in Agra after the launch of logo, website:- www.indiancrossbow.in and jersey of 'desi dhanush'. He also lauded the efforts of the International Crossbow Shooter Vij couple of Agra who were trying to promote the sport. He added that the 'desi dhanush' logo and websitelaunch would give a new identity to the sport and also give boost to the moraleof crossbow shooters. Mr. Yadav further stated that the state government wascontinuously striving to encourage and promote sports so that the players getto perform even better at national and international sporting events. The Chief Minister also informed of the cash incentive given to players who win medals at international and national sporting events.Terming the world famous Taj Mahal as an icon of love which attracts people to Agra from world over, Mr. Yadav detailed various development, social welfare schemes and work being done to improve policing and that the Dial 100 schemewould be available for people from June 2016. Expressing hope that due to these schemes and all-round development in the state, the Samajwadi government would get another term, the Chief Minister also took a potshot at people with negative mindset and said that they would always blow small things out of proportion. Also present on the occasion, vice-president of the World Crossbow Shooting Association Ms. Patricia Copley, 20 crossbow shooters from Sweden, Japan,Portugal, America and India, couple of Mr. Rajat Vij and Mrs. Hina Vij, patron Mr. Nitin Kohli, former Minister and Legislator Mr. Raja Aridaman Singh, public representatives, senior officials of the state government and a large number ofsports lovers.View Gallery

Date:- 24 October 2015

Agra's International Crossbow Shooter who has won many awards and prizes Mr.Rajat Vij along with his wife who is India's first woman world crossbow champion mrs.hina vij met honourable chief minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav in lucknow at his residence and had a long conversation on crossbow. Mr. Rajat Vij is the President of the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association. Our honourable chief minister who has keen interest in sports heard about crossbow and even named it as the "DESI DHANUSH" Mr.Rajat vij on behalf of the association has greatly acknowledged and thanked our Chief Minister who himself has flare for sports who has shown great support for the promotion of this sport and has thought for the benefits of the players.

Mr Rajat Vij presented the Chief Minister with the momentum. Our Chief Minister was also invited upon to inaugurate the International Crossbow Championship going to be held on March 2016 and our Chief Minister has gracefully accepted it. The media person Mr.kumar lalit associated with the association also informed us that association's Vice President and Samajwadi party leader Nitin kohli, Vandana Prasad and arif bhai were also present.

Date:- March 2016

Uttar Pradesh's Chief Minister Mr.Akhilesh Yadav's love for sports will be again witnessed on 17th march in agra.Indian crossbow shooting association has organised an event where chief minister will encourage the people and the team and would also launch the new jersey of the team. Crossbow shooting is a high tech sports and is also famous in many other countries worldwide. President of Indian crossbow shooting association and internationally won many awards Mr.Rajat Vij along with his wife Mrs Hina vij met the chief minister few days back and talked about this wonderful sport. During the conversation chief minister called this sport "Desi Dhanush" and also promised to help in promoting this sport among youngsters.

Mrs Hina vij is a world champion among the women crossbow association. This sport is popular in parts of Europe, America and Australia. Mr. Rajat Vij is trying hard to make this sport popular in India and for which he is organising camps and competitions in various schools. World crossbow association has appreciated his hardwork.Mr.rajat vij along with the association's media person mr kumar lalit has said that from all across the world crossbow shooters will exhibit their talent in front of Mr. Akhilesh Yadav the chief minister of uttar Pradesh on 17th march 2016.

7th World Crossbow Shooting Championship, Florida - AMERICA

Date:- 13th - 19th July 2015

The 7th WCSA TenPoint World Target Championships were held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA from July 12th to July 19th 2015. For the first time all continents (excluding Antartica) were represented. India sent their largest team to date to these World Championships with 7 competitors and their team manager Rajat Vij. The Championships include a Target event, a Match Play (one on one competition) event and a Forest event (walking through bushland shooting at paper animal face targets). The competitors are also categorised based on their age, sex and bowtype. For most of the Indian team this was their first world championships and they reprented India with honour. India won the medal tally with 9 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze medals beating Sweden who had 9 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. The championships were marred by extreme weather. Mid 30 Celcius degree days, 90% humidity, thunderstorms cancelling the shoot on 1 day. These championships were more a test of endurance than simply shooting. All that competed should be proud on their effort in completing the championships. View Gallery

6th World Crossbow Shooting Championship, Visby - SWEDEN

Date:- August 2013

This was the 1st time any Indian Team taken participation into Crossbow International Championship, the team was having 5 players Mr. Rajat Vij, Anmol Deep Singh, Ratandeep singh, Kamaljeet Singh and Arnold Keincer under the captaincy of Mr. Ratandeep. Event was held in Sweden in 2013. It was an absolutely new experience for the team and it was quite exiciting too.
Team learn a lot from their first International tour of which Mr. Anmoldeep singh has won the Medal too for the junior category. Rajat vij and Kamaljeet Singh got the 4th position in forest round category and Anmoldeep got the medal in junior category. It was just beginning of crossbow sports in India and proved a mile stone too. View Gallery

2nd WCSA European Crossbow Shooting Championship In Enningerloh , Germany

Date:- 6th - 8th June 2014

Rajat Vij brought laurels to the country by grabbing bronze medal in 2nd European Crossbow Shooting Championship in Ennigerloh, Germany. The Championships was organised under the aegis of World Crossbow Shooting Association, Rajat secured bronze medal with 864 point. Mr.Abhijeet Chandrasekhar from chennai and Mr Arun Kumar from Hyderabad had also participated in this championship as a part of team India, which was led by Rajat Vij President of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association and International Crossbow shooter Mr Parvej Joshi from Punjab had been invited as a judge for the event. Mr Abhijeet Chandrasekhar won Silver medal with 941 points and Mr Arun Kumar won Gold Medal with 1084 points. More than 40 players from various nations including Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain, Australia and India participated in this Championship. View Gallery

1st Indian Open Crossbow Shooting Championship, Agra - INDIA.

Date:- February 2014

Once again the city of taj graced itself with the esteemded presence of an impressive gathering as another event was added to its jewels. Rajat Vij is an indian crossbow shooter who rose to the frame after winning silver in gothemburg in swedish open crossbow shooting championship in december 2013.He is a first sports person to win a silver medal for india. Being a shooter as well as National President of Indian Crossbow Shooting Association he has organized 1st Indian Open Crossbow Shooting Championship in Prelude Public School Agra. Where there are 28 Indian participants from different states and three shooters from Sweden (EUROPE) and also 2 judges from Australia and Ireland. one of the shooter is the godfather of crossbow who has won several championships his name is Micky Skottlund other one is Rikkard Zitterquist medeival world champion that was an ancient type crossbow basically used in ancient times of war between the emperor. The event was inaugurated by Mr Puran Dawar who is the tycoon & social activist who hold the good name and fame not only in india but outside the boundries of india.Also there are Mr Sushil Chandra Gupta , Mr SatishChandra Gupta , Dr Surender Dass, severals others helped us not only to popularized crossbow but also helped us in carving out agras name in the sports world map. Indeed the event was marked as a great success with the youngsters from different cities as well with there hard work & enthusiasts agra attained a level higher in the sport. View Gallery

Date:- March 2014

Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision and sports gives your life structure, Discipline and a pure fulfillment". Once again crossbow shooting champion of India has shown his talent in Gothenburg, Sweden. Mr Rajat vij bagged bronze medal for India on 29th March 2014 in Gothenburg club championship in 18mtr That was an indoor competition organized by the G.A.K. Next day on 30th March Mr. Rajat Vij went for next championship in South Sweden to play 35mtr and 45mtr outdoor championship. There he secured 2nd position in field crossbow and honoured with crystal shield by Kent He'd berg. View Gallery

Date:- April 2016

The 1st national "desi dhanush" crossbow shooting championship will be held in the city from April 29 to 30. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav had inaugurated the logo for the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association in March and said the state government would extend all support to promote the sport. He had also given the sport the name of "desi dhanush". As many 30 crossbow shooters from five states will participate in the event which will be held at the Prelude Public School grounds later this week. The crossbow event is the brainchild of Agra-resident and national player Rajat Vij, who is also the president of the Indian Crossbow Shooting Association. After the inaugural of desi dhanush by the state government, we are going ahead with the first national championship in Agra. Sportspersons from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, besides Uttar Pradesh will participate in the two-day event." While the inaugural session will be held on April 29, the main sporting competition will take place the following day between 8am and 11.30am. Vij said the sport is not very popular and only a handful of people know about it. The chief minister's presence at the inauguration of the logo on March 17, has helped bring the sport to mainstream audience. He added that depending on the success of the first event, it would be held on much larger scale in the near future. View Gallery

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